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Specialized in directional drilling. Committed to safety.

Omni Underground, Inc. is a family-owned and operated directional drilling and potholing contractor based out of Central California.

Who We Are

Omni Underground is an experienced and professional team of experts in directional drilling, potholing, and more. We can work on any size project while delivering top-notch results quickly and efficiently without disrupting your daily routine. Plus, we specialize in working with communication, gas, and power – so no job is too big or small for us!

Stop worrying about how much money these projects cost – let us do it instead! Our competitive rates will save you time & money as we work diligently on each project with the utmost care taken. And because we are committed to safety and excellence, our staff is well-trained when it comes to best practices for the environment & following necessary local codes to keep everything up to date. With all those advantages plus a reliability guarantee included in every contract – why look anywhere else for quality underground construction?

Contact Omni Underground today for a free quote — don’t wait another minute before getting started on your next underground construction project!

Full Turnkey Solutions

Directional Drilling


HDD Design​


Utility Location​


Setting Vaults/Boxes​

The Process


Have a project? Send RFPs to brett@omniundergroundinc.com. We pay attention to detail and account for variables and the unforeseen when scoping projects, ensuring an accurate bid.


We hate surprises as much as anyone else. That’s why we provide an itemized bid that clearly defines the entire scope of the project from all angles, from start to finish.


Our professional team of experienced contractors and crewmen get to work on your behalf, keeping in mind safety, cleanliness, efficiency and precision.


A company is only as good as the people who work there. Omni Underground is committed to taking care of our team, and cultivating a positive work environment.


We don’t allow for anything less than excellent. Our professional team executes each project with safety, cleanliness, timeliness and attention to detail in mind.


At Omni Underground, we believe reputation is everything. Our leadership is intimately dedicated to each project ensuring all work is done on-time and on-budget.


Safety is a critical aspect of our operations. Being thoroughly trained through multiple courses, the Omni Underground Crew ensures safety protocols are implemented at every stage.

Our ClienTS

We're Hiring

Come join Omni Underground and dig your way to success! With competitive pay, flexible hours, and a team of motivated professionals behind you – the only way is up! Apply today!