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Family Owned & Operated

Brett Brewer


Nicole Brewer


Bill Brewer

Vice President

"Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking charge of the responsibility to inspire, empower, and guide your team towards a shared vision of success." - Brett Brewer



We know the success of our projects is rooted in how well we work together. We rely on a strong team mindset to get things done – without it, nothing flows as smoothly or yields desirable results. That’s why collaboration and cooperation are essential values that drive us forward – lone rangers need not apply!


We’re all about delivering excellence from the start, no shortcuts. We pride ourselves on high quality work that ensures our clients will be back for more tomorrow! Bottom line: we give nothing less than 100% so you can trust us to accomplish the job with success in mind every time.


We believe open dialogue and collaboration is our compass. Communication enables us to define goals and devise pathways towards achieving them with confidence. We prioritize clear communication – it guides the way!


We take tremendous pride in the trust and respect that comes from our clients, colleagues, and neighbors; therefore maintaining high moral values is essential. Being honest with each other enables us to be respected members of our community while being trusted partners throughout all areas of business.


We treat all people with the same dignity and courtesy they deserve. We work hard and play harder while ensuring that no one ever feels disrespected or judged. We hold ourselves accountable for treating each other as valuable members of the team where everyone’s voice and feelings matter.


We know that maintaining a positive attitude is the key to success. That's why optimism and determination are deeply ingrained in our core values. We believe there aren't any problems – only challenges waiting for us to uncover solutions! A toxic mindset has no place at Omni and with an optimistic outlook, great outcomes can be delivered for our clients every time.

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